OEM ink cartridges are advertised as the only option, ‘for best results’ with full page color advertisements in major business magazines and prime time television advertisements. No wonder genuine ink cartridges are so expensive. The problem with these inkjet cartridges is that they can only be used once. Their single use status ranks them in an unfriendly environmental category. But not anymore.

The wasted, tossable inkjet or toner cartridge has developed a value. Quality ‘core’s', or empty cartridges, are now a thriving business, being tested, cleaned and sold to professional remanufacturing companies, many of whom have contracts with OEM companies. These remanufacturing companies use the latest technologies to refill the empty ink and toner cartridges, test them and prepare them for resale. These remanufacturing plants are ISO-9002 certified. Their product is excellent. And they are saving the planet at the same time.

I urge all consumers to be aware of their options. It just turns out that these remanufactured ink cartridges are far less expensive than genuine items – they don’t have all that expensive advertising built into their prices. Know your options, and know that by participating in an environmentally friendly purchasing choice, you can also save a lot of money.


Inkjetcartridges.com already has some very low prices that can save you a bundle on your ink and toner, but what about our SALES. Well, if you dig hard enough on the site there is a 5% coupon code – but the real savings are received by following us on twitter or facebook. Every time we do an email campaign to our customers and subscribers, we post the discounts on our twitter and facebook pages. The savings range from 10% to 20% and free shipping specials for all orders depending on the sale that is going on at the time.

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I have a Canon Pixma MP150 printer. it’s a small, robust printer and does everything I need. Takes a few seconds for the printing to start sometimes, but other than that no immediate complaints. When I first purchased it, remanufactured cartridges were not available so only OEM’s were an option and were VERY expensive. So much so that I cringed every time my daughter printed ‘test’ sheets for homework, etc, particularly in color.

The MP150 uses the black 40 and color 41 cartridges, or as they are known to replace the PG-40 and CLI-41. The remanufactured cartridges are now available for both black and color, follow these links PG-40 BlackCLI-41 Color - but I thought I would write about my experience refilling these cartridges for savings beyond what any remanufactured cartridge can provide.

I tried refilling the color several times. My problem was that I ddin’t refill it right away, so there were some lines through the initial printing. One attempt ultimately failed because I simply waited too long. The next time I refilled right away, and the refill was successful. A bit blotchy at first – but that is what test runs are for. In a short time it was printing perfectly and my daughter did not have to look over her shoulder for me biting my nails.

The black refill was my favourite and I am on I think my 6th refill as of this post. The kit has a small eyelit drill that you just twist into a small hole, or dimple on the cartridge. It takes a little while to do this, but you only have to do it once. Then withdraw ink from the bottle and inject slowly. Easy. On my third and subsequent refills I experienced some slight leakage, but that was because I was ‘topping off’ and probably overfilled. Place on a paper towel and wait, it will stop. Sounds messy, but really it’s not. I got a drop of ink on my hand the first time, and I figured out that drop of ink saved me about $20 so I was okay with it.

I strongly recommend refilling these cartridges, the black is the work horse of the two. You can find refill kits for these cartridges at the following links: black refill and color refill.

To see all the money saving products that work in this printer, including larger size refill kits, go to it’s main product page here: Canon MP150 Ink


New HP Deskjet Models!

by admin on February 24, 2011

We are constantly adding new printer models, new products and new money saving options. For most of these printers you will see a selection of remanufactured cartridges (strongly suggested), OEM cartridges, refill kits (also suggested) and a variety of other cool products. Make sure you bookmark!

Here are the newest HP Deskjet Printers models on our site…

  • Deskjet F4150
  • Deskjet F4172
  • Deskjet F4175
  • Deskjet F4180
  • Deskjet F4185
  • Deskjet F4188
  • Deskjet F4190
  • Deskjet F4194
  • Deskjet F4200 Series
  • Deskjet F4210
  • Deskjet F4230
  • Deskjet F4235
  • Deskjet F4240
  • Deskjet F4250
  • Deskjet F4272
  • Deskjet F4273
  • Deskjet F4274
  • Deskjet F4275
  • Deskjet F4280
  • Deskjet F4283
  • Always aiming to be updated and as useful as we can, thanks so much for visiting. All Ink and Toner for HP can be found on either the HP Cartridges page – specific HP Ink Cartridges (click link) or the HP Toner page.


    Updated! Canon Pixma Printer Models

    by admin on February 23, 2011

    We are constantly updating our printer and product lists and will from time to time post them here. There are quite a few new Canon Pixma Printer models, so we thought we would just list them all. On the printer pages you can see all the available products, it’s a very handy setup. There are cartridges, both money saving remanufactured/compatible, and OEM. There are usually a good selection of refill kits and inks as well. Here are the new Canon Pixma printer models:

  • PIXMA iP100
  • PIXMA iP1300
  • PIXMA iP1500
  • PIXMA iP1600
  • PIXMA iP1700
  • PIXMA iP1800
  • PIXMA iP2000
  • PIXMA iP260
  • PIXMA iP2600
  • PIXMA iP2702
  • PIXMA iP3000
  • PIXMA iP3300
  • PIXMA iP3500
  • PIXMA iP3600
  • PIXMA iP400
  • PIXMA iP400r
  • PIXMA iP4200
  • PIXMA iP4300
  • PIXMA iP4500
  • PIXMA iP4600
  • PIXMA iP4700
  • PIXMA iP4820
  • PIXMA iP5000
  • PIXMA iP5200
  • PIXMA iP5200R
  • PIXMA iP5300
  • PIXMA iP6000D
  • PIXMA iP6210D
  • PIXMA iP6220D
  • PIXMA iP6310D
  • PIXMA iP6320D
  • PIXMA iP6600D
  • PIXMA iP6700D
  • PIXMA iP8500
  • PIXMA iP90
  • PIXMA iP90v
  • PIXMA iX7000
  • PIXMA MG5120
  • PIXMA MG5220
  • PIXMA MG6120
  • PIXMA MG8120
  • PIXMA mini220
  • PIXMA mini260
  • PIXMA mini320
  • PIXMA mini360
  • PIXMA MP110
  • PIXMA MP130
  • PIXMA MP140
  • PIXMA MP150
  • PIXMA MP160
  • PIXMA MP170
  • PIXMA MP180
  • PIXMA MP190
  • PIXMA MP210
  • PIXMA MP220
  • PIXMA MP240
  • PIXMA MP250
  • PIXMA MP260
  • PIXMA MP270
  • PIXMA MP280
  • PIXMA MP410
  • PIXMA MP430
  • PIXMA MP450
  • PIXMA MP460
  • PIXMA MP470
  • PIXMA MP480
  • PIXMA MP490
  • PIXMA MP495
  • PIXMA MP500
  • PIXMA MP510
  • PIXMA MP520
  • PIXMA MP530
  • PIXMA MP540
  • PIXMA MP550
  • PIXMA MP560
  • PIXMA MP600
  • PIXMA MP610
  • PIXMA MP620
  • PIXMA MP630
  • PIXMA MP640
  • PIXMA MP750
  • PIXMA MP760
  • PIXMA MP780
  • PIXMA MP800
  • PIXMA MP800R
  • PIXMA MP810
  • PIXMA MP830
  • PIXMA MP950
  • PIXMA MP960
  • PIXMA MP970
  • PIXMA MP980
  • PIXMA MP990
  • PIXMA MX300
  • PIXMA MX310
  • PIXMA MX320
  • PIXMA MX330
  • PIXMA MX340
  • PIXMA MX350
  • PIXMA MX700
  • PIXMA MX7600
  • PIXMA MX850
  • PIXMA MX860
  • PIXMA MX870
  • PIXMA Pro9000 Mark I
  • PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II
  • PIXMA Pro9000
  • PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II
  • PIXMA Pro9500
  • PIXUS MP610
  • PIXUS MX860
  • More updated printers to come! You can find a full line of Canon inkjet printers at our main Canon Inkjet page



    by admin on February 9, 2011

    Cell phones, or ‘smart phones’, give you access to documents, MS office, PDF, all kinds, you can view maps, read books, really anything a regular computer can do. You would think with so much transportable, storable information that printing may seem like a last option – not so. In fact, it is on the rise.

    Wireless connections with printers are becoming more and more prevalent. From the PC, laptop, ipad, iphone or any other handheld device. HP printers, basically any of their inkjets priced $99 or above (U.S.) come with their own email address. That comes in handy when you snap a pic with your iphone (and even REAL photos with certain Canon digital cameras) and you can email it to your Mom or whomever for it to print out. Their computer or device don’t need to be on, because it’s the printer’s EMAIL address that gets it and voila – when they turn it on – pics!

    What’s here and upcoming? Some hotels allow iprinting, if they have the right devices (printers), and up and coming TV’s with connectivity, allowing all types of downloadable and printable menus, information, etc.

    iphone apps include printjinni for Epson, HP iPrint mobile, ‘Print Pro’ ePrint, printersharemobile, and a few others. Print files from your phone sent to a printer that is set up to recieve it, and there you go. (we didn’t test them).

    Apple’s Airprint allows iphone, ipad and ipod touch allows certain HP models (Airprint compatible) to recieve prints, and Googles Cloud Print allows any docs uploaded and stored in the Google ‘cloud’ to be printed. Google’s system is cool because nothing has ot be ‘emailed’ and there are no driver issues (that is you do not have to have the printer driver on your device).

    As we see the exchange and flow of information, files and data, the evolution is to use this technology to allow printing anywhere. It’s here, it’s clear, we don’t want any more cords…


    Problems Down Under – Toner Gate

    by admin on February 9, 2011

    Toner Gate. Our liberal friends in the land of the outback face the same issues we all do. Expensive ink and toner cartridges. The scandal of the day however is the very familiar governmental budgetary policy of “if you haven’t spent it by the cut-off date, you need to or you don’t get the money next year’. This particular scandal involves ink and in particular, toner. I was in Adelaide, South Australia last year, and if I had known they spent so much on toner, I could have done very well! Very well at saving them money that is – but I don’t think this is the case here.

    Being given notice that their budget was being cut, Liberal MP’s sent in almost $300,000 in ink and toner cartridge supply receipts.

    The West Australian Liberal Don Randall, ordered just over $25,000 of toner cartridges for his office printer, while South Australian Patrick Secker spent just under $22,000.

    Peter Slipper spent just over $19,000 – he is the Deputy Speaker – while ex-Liberal Michael Johnson placed orders for just under $19,000. This is PRINTER TONER.

    That is the tip of the iceberg, the Coalition spent far more, and the details are incredible. How an office spends that much on ink and toner is amazing, but I don’t think that is the point.

    Governments force offices to order their previous year’s amounts or they don’t get it next year. It goes for almost every procurable item, service, etc that the government needs, and it amounts to WASTE. Governmental policy FORCED them to do it because everyone there feared that next year they would ‘run out of money’ for such expenditures for such necessary consumables. I have to say that the numbers are a bit steep, and I’m not buying the ‘we need’ this situation, something else might be up. But the reality of this situation is that 1. Those supplies may not be all used because of the expiration (depending when they were produced). And 2. What happens to all that waste if they are not used? Wasted money, wasted space in landfills by products that will never degrade. I’m curious about what type of toner it was. (These links by the way will take you to amazing savings for the said toner in the UNITED STATES) Was it Brother Toner? Canon Toner? Dell Toner? Epson Toner? HP Toner? Lexmark Toner?, Xerox Toner?

    BTW, the big ‘savers’ of the group included Labor frontbencher Julie Collins who ordered just over $9000 while our well beloved Queensland MP Grahame Perrett ordered just over $7000.

    Inkjetcartridges.com can supply ANY government institution with any supply needs they have in the U.S. And we can supply you, individuals, small business, anyone. Would we have been chosen by these Australian government purchasers? Unlikely. Why? Because we offer products that SAVE money and produce the quality these government organizations were looking for. They were not interested in saving money, rather, SPENDING it.

    However if anyone out there cares about SAVING money, not spending so much, we are here for you. Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, All the major brands of toner are mentioned in links above, but here’s some for the inkjets! Brother Ink, Canon Ink, Dell Ink, Epson Ink, HP Ink, Lexmark Ink and Xerox Ink



    Our Printer Driver Resource

    by admin on October 22, 2010

    printer-driver-list Searching for the latest and greatest driver for your printer can be a tremendous pain in the neck. You may end up with pages of search results that lead to broken links, outdated versions or forum postings from other frustrated folks looking for the same update. Enough is enough! We’re pleased to present the last printer driver bookmark you’re ever going to need.

    The InkJetCartridges.com Printer Drivers list is a frequently updated resource which will keep you current without all of the fruitless, hair-pulling research. Links to the main driver directories of all major brands are featured in one easy to browse location. Whether you’re looking for the latest updates for Xerox, Canon, Epson or HP – you’ll find these and many other manufacturers represented.

    In addition to the printer software updates, our list also includes company details, contact information and links to the main company sites and their tech support pages. We’ll be striving to keep the resource as useful and current as possible and look forward to your feedback.

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    Ink Saving Software

    by admin on October 11, 2010

    Inkjetcartridges.com, our commercial site does not actually sell these software packages or services (yet), but we feel it’s important to REBEL against high prices in a way shape or form. Lower cost cartridges, refill kits, and now software applications that simply reduce the amount of ink put onto a page without sacrificing print quality. There are a lot of other features in some of these offerings, but reducing ink/toner output and paper usage is without question their MO.

    It should be said that owners/users of inkjet and laser printers can actually change and manipulate settings to achieve tremendous savings. Or let’s go this way. Here we go…

    PrintWhatYouLike.com – Awesome

    I love this site. Inkjetcartridges.com is seriously considering advertising on it. It’s terrific.

    Here’s the best way to describe it:

    1. Download it for FREE
    2. Easily, intuitively condense any web page down to just the content you want in one click, not to mention you can fix common printing problems such as text running off the page.

    Actually downloading it and using it will show/tell you everything. it is cool. Here it is PrintWhatYouLike

    GreenPrint – PrintGreener.com

    ” GreenPrint provides best-in-class software solutions to eliminate unnecessary cost and waste associated with enterprise and individual printing activities. Our products have been released to critical acclaim in the Wall Street Journal, by CNN and many other publications, and the company has become the recognized market leader in print management and measurement software.”

    Yes, it’s a company pitch, but as far as software goes, this could help save ink, toner, and paper. You will have to do your own research on this one, we try to focus on the consumer segment – but it’s worth a gander…

    EcoFont – Ecofont.com

    The download is free HERE and the concept is great – it really emulates some of the ‘lower ink expenditure’ options in almost every printer driver ‘properties’ options, but doesn’t require the user to actually choose them EVERY time. Oh, it should be noted that EcoFont has developed an even more efficient way to product crisp, clean and presentable prints while using less ink through their, well, Ecofont! It’s wonderful, and I encourage all to consider using it.

    INKSAVER – Software.

    A pretty nifty software package (still have to download it), it saves ink. They make sure all settings are optimized to make sure the least amount of ink (and the maintenance of quality) is assured. Here is how they describe it on their website:

    “InkSaver 2.0 allows you to control the amount of ink used by your inkjet printer, making your ink cartridges last longer. Using patented software algorithms, InkSaver optimizes printer data so that your printer uses less ink – even when printing at your inkjet’s highest resolution.”

    Here’s the website InkSaver

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    Top 5 Easy Ways to SAVE ON INK (+Bonus)

    by admin on October 11, 2010

    octopus-inkQ: When do you run out of ink?
    A: When you need it most.

    Ink in a cartridge should be treated like a savings account you will really need one day – spend indiscriminately and nothing is left when you need it. Spend wisely with your eye to the future, there will be enough there WHEN you need it.

    octopus-ink Yes this is yet another ‘simple ways to save your ink for a rainy day’, yet it is incredible how many people overlook it. It not only saves ink when you are spending your hard earned dollars on it, but even when it’s on someone else’s bill. In that case, spending/printing like crazy may not cost you real money, but it does have a higher negative impact on the environment. So just because someone else is paying for it, sadly, due to the accumulative affect these actions amount to, future generations will pay for it as well.

    When you hit the ‘print’ button there is a pop up screen that shows all kinds of options. It usually starts with a selection of what printer – that is usually defaulted to the printer you use the most. Beside that is a button that says ‘PROPERTIES’. It is after hitting the Properties button that the ink and environment saving options are presented. From the size of paper, and, in fact, what cartridge to use, and how much ink to print with.

    These settings tell the printer how much ink to put on a page. It is usually a combination of these settings:

    High, Standard, Fast, Custom are usually options, but depending on the software, Draft Mode, Economy Mode, Toner Saver, etc may be options. They are fairly easy to interpret, however you would be surprised at what little difference there is between the modes in print quality.

    Standard, Draft quality is more than enough for even presentation papers like essays or any other type of non-commercial report. Fast or Economy quality is for really anything else, any type of print, even homework for the kids, etc (unless there are pictures, and Standard will usually suffice there as well).

    2. PRINT GRAYSCALE, unless you are printing pictures of course

    Grayscale is a ‘checkbox’ that is an option when you hit ‘PROPERTIES’. When printing anything black and white, use the grayscale to use a lot less ink. It’s just a checkbox, and you can never ‘set’ it, so it has to be checked every time. Surprising how many people don’t.

    In the spirit of lowering output, it doesn’t only have to be ink. Paper is not only a way to save money, but it will do more for the ENVIRONMENT than any real savings that can add to the bottom line. It’s so simple, and so easy, and frankly people and companies appreciate it. If your printer has this option (and not all do) – PLEASE use it. Alternatively, you can manually print on both sides of a sheet. Not so easy when printing out a report or homework, but in other situations when available, this is an option that everyone should use.


    Did you know that almost every printer driver can print two pages’ worth of a document on a single sheet of paper? Each page gets reduced in size and rotated 90 degrees, so that two pages land side-by-side on one sheet, kind of looks like a book.

    MS Word and Adobe Reader have this option right in the Print menu. In programs that don’t (like Firefox, yes a browser), you can select the properties menu to select your printer and look for a “page layout” or “page scaling” option.

    Well, not really a printer, but it’s easy to have a solid format, consistent theme and layout in a PDF that you can email or display to anyone. In this case, the best way to save paper and ink is to bypass them entirely. Whenever possible, “print” your documents to PDF files you can store on your computer or e-mail to others. PDFCreator (this is the place to download it) allows anyone to easily convert almost any document into a pdf. It’s easy and free, a nifty program.


    OKAY, there are 6 WAYS TO SAVE ON YOUR INK OR TONER. This is the bonus…

    The reality is there are some incredible quality compatible, and more important for the environment – recycled and remanufactured cartridges and options out there. This industry is getting more and more quality conscious every minute. Higher standards, ISO certifications, product testing, the list goes on. The bottom line is that buying lower cost remanufactured or compatible cartridges is your best choice for quality printing without any difference in purchasing or the mechanics of installing a cartridge. Except for the savings. There are options for almost all brands and makes of printers including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Xerox