Canon Pixma MP150 – Ink Cartridges and Refilling

by admin on June 3, 2011

I have a Canon Pixma MP150 printer. it’s a small, robust printer and does everything I need. Takes a few seconds for the printing to start sometimes, but other than that no immediate complaints. When I first purchased it, remanufactured cartridges were not available so only OEM’s were an option and were VERY expensive. So much so that I cringed every time my daughter printed ‘test’ sheets for homework, etc, particularly in color.

The MP150 uses the black 40 and color 41 cartridges, or as they are known to replace the PG-40 and CLI-41. The remanufactured cartridges are now available for both black and color, follow these links PG-40 BlackCLI-41 Color - but I thought I would write about my experience refilling these cartridges for savings beyond what any remanufactured cartridge can provide.

I tried refilling the color several times. My problem was that I ddin’t refill it right away, so there were some lines through the initial printing. One attempt ultimately failed because I simply waited too long. The next time I refilled right away, and the refill was successful. A bit blotchy at first – but that is what test runs are for. In a short time it was printing perfectly and my daughter did not have to look over her shoulder for me biting my nails.

The black refill was my favourite and I am on I think my 6th refill as of this post. The kit has a small eyelit drill that you just twist into a small hole, or dimple on the cartridge. It takes a little while to do this, but you only have to do it once. Then withdraw ink from the bottle and inject slowly. Easy. On my third and subsequent refills I experienced some slight leakage, but that was because I was ‘topping off’ and probably overfilled. Place on a paper towel and wait, it will stop. Sounds messy, but really it’s not. I got a drop of ink on my hand the first time, and I figured out that drop of ink saved me about $20 so I was okay with it.

I strongly recommend refilling these cartridges, the black is the work horse of the two. You can find refill kits for these cartridges at the following links: black refill and color refill.

To see all the money saving products that work in this printer, including larger size refill kits, go to it’s main product page here: Canon MP150 Ink

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